Learn MMA to Perfection with a Wrestling Dummy

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport that allows both grappling and striking. It is named MMA because it uses techniques of different forms of martial arts. From Judo and Karate to Muay Thai and Sambo, MMA has techniques of all. The trained fighters are the most lethal fighters and can kill the opponent with bare hands.

Learning MMA is very tough. You have to learn different forms of martial arts, grappling and striking techniques to take down the opponent. Besides a personal trainer, you need a wrestling dummy that can withstand all your blows and holds. These wrestling dummies are also called grappling dummies.

Grappling dummies are an essential component in MMA. The MMA fighter can use submission maneuvers, holds, slams and blows on the dummy and learn the moves. MMA moves in the learning phase can be very dangerous for other persons on whom the moves are being applied. That is why a grappling dummy is used so that the fighter can use as many tricks and techniques without hurting the other person.

Finding the right grappling dummy is important to learn MMA to perfection. You have to get a dummy that is durable and reliable enough to resist your blows without any wear and tear. The stuffing of dummy is also of high importance. Stuffing it with the heavy material will make the learning process slow. You cannot throw the dummy around in the beginning when it is heavy. That is why trainers recommend filling the dummy with paper in the beginning so that you can learn the basics of grappling to perfection. When you master it some extent, you can fill it with heavier material to increase your strength and make it feel like applying the moves to some real person.

Grappling in MMA is one of the basic moves that any fighter has to master. You have to learn it and learning is fun and easy on a grappling dummy. These dummies are perfect for unleashing your frustration on. You can slam them with full might, throw them around, strike them as hard as you can and make your moves stronger with time. The wrestling dummy can be your best partner for training when you are alone. The wrestling dummy can make learning very easy for you and you will also enjoy training with it.

How to Fill Grappling Dummies

Grappling dummy is very crucial for martial artists and particularly MMA fighters. It is a necessary component of the hand-to-hand battle between two unarmed opponents used to simulate body control.

Grappling enables MMA fighters to take down the opponent with submission holds. With grappling dummies, MMA fighters can learn different maneuvers and a set of ground skills. Once you master grappling techniques, you can use these to control your opponents without hurting them. Using a grappling dummy can make learning grappling techniques easy. However, finding the right grappling dummy is important.

All you need to make sure that the grappling dummy is durable enough to resist all the blows and holds. It depends on the fillings you are using to fill your dummy with.

Ways to Fill Grappling Dummies

Grappling dummies are sold empty and you have to get them filled with suitable material to start practicing. There are different ways to fill a grappling dummy and you can use all types of stuff for that purpose.

Shredded Paper

For those starting with MMA, filling the grappling dummies with shredded papers can be very handy. It will keep the weight light and at the same time pack the dummy to its full. You can easily fill the dummy without incurring much cost. You can find papers at your home or you can also find companies who shred their documents and instead of wasting them, you can use them to fill your dummy.

Shredded Blankets and Towels

Once you buy your dummy and want to have it a little heavy, you can use shredded blankets and towels. Buy a bunch of blankets and towels, shred them into small pieces and fill your dummy with them. If you want to make the dummy heavier, fill with more pieces of towels and blankets.

Mix Materials

Besides paper and towels, you can use mix materials to fill the grappling dummy. You can also use some sand to fill the dummy. This will make the dummy moderate in weight and make learning a bit easier.

You can use these materials to stuff the dummy. To fill the dummy, start from filling the bottom and make sure it is stuffed perfectly. Once it is done, keep adding the material and once it is complete, you are ready to unleash your grappling techniques on the dummy. We hope you find the article helpful and informative. Use the tips and materials to start training with grappling dummies.