Master Ken Debunks Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a form of art and defense in its own right – it is both recognized and accepted as a unique form of martial art. The basics of Brazilian jiu-jitsu in particular hinge on it being a defensive combative sport. The aim of the art is for a person with a smaller build to master the art of self-defense and combat against a much larger opponent.

As such, the movements and positions of Brazilian jiu-jitsu differ from other forms of martial arts; the fine-print and techniques are different, and the overall stances and instructive approach may also vary.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is acknowledged as a form of art in its dance-like movements and fluid motions. This form of combative sport is a sound combination of judo and Japanese jiu-jitsu, and focuses on grappling and taking the fight to the ground. Due to Brazilian jiu-jitsu promising smaller individuals an effective strategy against larger, stronger assailants, this art form requires its own heavy share of concentration and practice. The defensive facet of the sport wraps up most encounters with chokeholds or joint-locks; this form combines balance with quick, fluid movements, and gaining the advantage on a physically-stronger opponent.

As such, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is regarded as both a combative sport, and a way through which people can maintain fit and alert minds and bodies. The principles base themselves on “finding the chink in the armor” of the assailant, and employing effective defensive strategies.

But this long-winded spiel, these decades-worth of instruction and practice, those Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments and training schools – they have all just been shattered.

escape Brazilian jiu jitsu submission

In a bone-tickling and sardonic new video, “lethal” street fighter and defensive instructor, Master Ken, promises to unveil the secret move to counter any Brazilian jiu-jitsu chokehold or grapple. The three-minute video shows Master Ken successfully “combating” a variety of Brazilian jiu-jitsu holds and grapples by simply tapping-out.

The light-hearted video is aimed to demonstrate the apparent fallacies of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, as per Master Ken. What starts off as an engaging first few seconds of the video devolve into humor at the expense of a world-renowned martial arts practice. Dubbing the “simple yet effective” move as the “skeleton key of Brazilian jiu-jitsu”, Master Ken demonstrates how the ultimate escape from any Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter looking to start and take a fight to the ground: simply tap out.

The video goes on to feature the street fighter trapped in a range of chokeholds and submissions. He simply double-taps his opponent, who seems to go completely slack and immobile as a result.

Master Ken has a YouTube channel called EnterTheDojoShow where he posts similarly humorous videos that have gained traction and popularity over the past few years. Regardless of your personal biases towards the fluid sport of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, you cannot deny the witty comic timing of Master Ken as he reveals the key to undo and destroy Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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