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Brian Smith

This was my first order from Celebritamma.com. It was a great experience. The price they offer is reasonable, and the order was shipped quickly to me as mentioned. The punching bags, which I ordered for my son as a present, were just as described. He is an avid martial artist and loves spending his leisure time in boxing and kickboxing. It was just perfect.

James Smith

A student of mine can't wait to get his grappling dummy. He has only been in karate for three weeks and loves it already. I was ordering for him the best-fit grappling dummy and was having a hard time. I called on the provided number and the lady was so nice and helpful. When I will need anything else for my students I will be using Celebrita MMA for sure.

Michael James

I ordered the wrong size strictly my mistake. On contacting Celebrita MMA on their customer helpline, I received prompt, courteous service from someone speaking perfect English, so refreshing to find these days. I have sent back the wrong item and waiting for the correct one to be delivered soon.

Natasha Dilday

Dear Celebrita MMA, thank you for your speedy delivery of my order. I placed my order for a pair of punching bags and they arrived at my doorstep within the time mentioned on the website. I am waiting for a grappling dummy from another supplier who has had my money in their bank for over a week. Now they are changing the delivery date continuously. They should take a leaf out of your book! Thank you once again for your outstanding service.

Trinidad Garber

Celebrita MMA I would like to say thank you for the extremely professional and high level of customer service that I received on my recent order. I ordered punching bags and they were delivered to me within the time mentioned. Also I’m not sure to whom I spoke to on the phone in regards to the size of my item I ordered, but he was very helpful and offered good knowledge and information regarding the product and other products within the same discipline.

Michael Graves

Hello, I just saw products on your website and its terrific. I saw the section of punching bag and grappling dummies and I’m excited at the prospect of finally getting to use your products. I have written you before, and will again ask for another favor of advice. If I could only buy 5 items amongst these 2 sections, will I be offered some discount? Thanks again.

Ben Baraga

I am very interested into martial arts products. I will be ordering few of your items very soon. Keep up the good work.

Angelina Sara

I have visited several websites for purchase punching bags for my workouts but couldn’t find the best article for myself. Thanks to Celebrita MMA for solving out my problem and delivering it within less duration.

Ashley Rose

I have ordered martial arts products form different places not knowing what I will be receiving. I just got what I ordered through your website for my 5 years old daughter. The material is perfect not that cheap thin stuff that goes out all the time. I will order products in the future and have a great confidence that I will not be let down. Thanks.

Isaac Tuckfield

I just wanted to let you know that I had an awesome experience from your staff once again. It is so nice that every time I order or have queries they provide an excellent service which is beyond expectations.

Michelle Lewen

I have found that Celebrita MAA has offered me with the best rates of products for my Karate club. The service that my Karate club and I have received from your website is exceptional. I would like to recommend that add 3D pictures of the products on the website for additional help of customers like me to make instant purchases.

Mitch Marsh

Celebrita MMA is efficient and thorough, with no frills - you get exactly what you need in good. I have received consistent quality goods. The client service here is second to none, while the pricing along with shipping on volume allows me to stick around with them forever. Highly recommended!

Amanda Lee

I just ordered few products for myself and would like to share my experience during ordering. Every description regarding the product was mentioned along with reasonable prices. While ordering I was ensured by Celebrita MMA that my personal information would not be misused. Thanks a lot!

Adam Sandler

Having such a high quality grappling dummy has improved my game. I definitely recommend Celebrita MMA because you provide the best quality products and service. Really impressed keep it up!

John Martin

Can't convey how impressed I am by your service and products. High quality, finished with great craftsmanship. I ordered grappling dummy for myself. Very easy to draw him into the guard and get him into position for techniques. The articulated joints get your locks into the right position unlike other un-articulated stuffed arm joints I've tried on other dummies. I feel lucky to have you guys providing me with outstanding product.

Ben Phillips

I am very happy with the quality of service you have provided and the speedy delivery in which I received my goods. I could not be more pleased with everything and look very much forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks!

Robinson Crew

I’ll like to compliment the telesales team on being exactly what a customer needs, polite and with product knowledge. Now-a-days I’ve personally found that the level of customer services have dropped within the online marketing. But I have never been disappointed with your team so far, for this I will start to use Celebrita MMA a lot more. Happy customers are key to a successful business and I feel you have achieved one. Well done guys.

Alexander Stan

Thank you Celebrita MMA for delivering my order within less time. I will surely recommend you to others.