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Wholesale & Trade

If you are running a martial arts club or selling martial arts equipment physically or online then Celebrita MMA is the best place. Here you can find the best martial arts products with reasonable prices affordable for everyone. We provide the widest range of martial arts equipment and clothing, which are available in all sizes at cheapest prices in the entire market. We provide the best customer service and sales team to entertain our customers 24/7. Celebrita MMA is providing an opportunity to sell our product and make our customers a decent profit in return. We are providing the best quality materials from finest worldwide suppliers at a very low price without compromising on quality. Buying in bulk will reduce prices and will leave greater profit margin and these prices will be lesser then our recommended retail price.


Why should I choose Celebrita MMA as my wholesaler?

Here are just a few reasons why Celebrita MMA should be selected as Martial Arts Wholesaler:

  • Our service in not only confined to USA but to other countries as well
  • Our staff is 24/7 available to assist you.
  • We do not have minimum order quantity or order involved in your purchasing process.
  • We have our warehouses in different countries & cities, which can bear the capacity to cater larger bulk orders.


How can I be eligible for a Wholesale / Trade account?

Anyone can become a Celebrita MMA wholesaler without any charges. All you need is to do is to fall under the following criteria:

  • Run or should posses a martial arts or sports club.
  • Run or should posses a martial arts website.
  • Run or should posses a martial arts or sports related shop.
  • You can order for any sort of educational institute.
  • You can also order for a sports center, gym, or a sports establishment.


How can I register for a Wholesale / Trade account?

If you fit into the criteria above mentioned then you are eligible for celebrita MMA wholesaler. We will need a proof of the website which posses your detailed information. Moreover, hall hire receipts or invoices relating to the center you teach in will be needed. You can send us the proofs through email so that our sales team can contact you earliest as possible to set up wholesale/trade dealing with you.